Relief back pain at the comfort of your home

SPEENA Inversion Table uses gravity and your own body weight to help stretch and elongate the spine, alleviate pressure of compressed disks, relieve pressure on nerves and rejuvenate the discs.

Because inversion therapy alleviates pressure from the spine and increases the space between vertebrae, it’s considered a holistic solution for pain relief. Some of the conditions people manage with inversion therapy include: Chronic low back pain, Sciatica pain, Degenerative disc disease, Muscle tension, and neck pain.

Using SPEENA Inversion Table for just a few minutes daily can give your spine the relief it needs to heal and prevent low back pain, improve blood circulation and increase mobility.

Major Health Benefits

Of Using Speena Inversion Table

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Invert In 3 Easy Steps

1- Set your height

2- Choose your angle

3- Lock your feet